Garden & Lawn Maintenance

Landscape-by-the-Sea specializes in residential and commercial landscape maintenance with the goal of providing personalized service and always paying attention to detail. Our focus on quality routine care and our quick response time set us apart from the competition. Our crews have a thorough understanding of your property and needs. We have the trained staff to handle all of your property maintenance needs.

Contact us at 978-704-9539 to receive a quote for your landscape projects and weekly lawn cutting needs.

Scheduled Property Maintenance

We offer weekly, biweekly or monthly visits to keep your property looking its best. Maintenance includes picking up debris, mowing the lawn to your desired length, trimming, edging and blowing off hardscapes.

While we are at your property we will also monitor the plants and grass for unwanted weeds. We will offer our professional advice on fertilizer, weed, disease and insect control treatment as needed to keep your lawn healthy.

We’ll take extra care to make sure we close all gates behind us and not to run over any favorite toys that are left out in the yard by your pets or kids.

Seasonal Cleanups

In the spring we will remove debris, prune winter damage from plants and make sure that your property looks fresh for the approaching outdoor season. We’ll take the time to clean and edge plant beds, as well as blow leftover sand from your drive and walkways.

Dark Bark Mulch

This is the time we’ll follow up with you on mulch for your flower beds. This will help keep you plants protected from the warm summer sun and also keep those pesky weeds at bay.

Leaf removal becomes a continuation of the scheduled maintenance when the leaves begin to fall. Throughout October and into November we will visit your property and discard leaves and other debris from your property.

With snow on its way we will also make any necessary winter preparations.

Flower Bed Installation

pet maintenanceWhether you need a few plants planted or a full garden installation, we can get the job done. We have experience in both residential and commercial installations and can implement all types of plantings and garden creations. We realize you can’t be experts at everything, so we use reliable, professional subcontractors to implement more specialized projects when we need an expert.

We’ll keep a close watch of the job to be sure you are getting quality work that you will enjoy for years to come. We not only install the landscape plans we help create, but those done by other designers as well.

Shrub & Plant Transplanting

If a tree or shrub has outgrown its current space, or is in the way another project it may need to be relocated.

garden maintenance

We have been trained to dig and ball trees and shrubs to minimize any shock to the plant. After relocating the plant our after care services will assist in its long term health.

Special Projects Around Your Property

If you need an extra set of hands around your yard, just let us know. We are always happy to help setup patio furniture, rearrange the kids play yard, clean gutters, repair fencing or replace cracked patio bricks. If you have any special requests while we are at your property just drop us a line and we’ll schedule some extra time to assist you with your projects.